Demodecosis in Humans. Time to listen, understand, revise and accept

Demodecosis in Humans.
Time to listen, understand, revise and accept

Zhaxylykova R.D. (2018)

In the book series "Writers Talk about Science", the stories of the most important discoveries of mankind in different fields of knowledge are published. Among them there are sometimes the very incredible stories. But so it was indeed. While reading publications or listening to my speeches at conferences, congresses, etc., did anyone think that such a situation possibly exists? Many colleagues were aware of the seriousness of the topic set forth herein which is evidenced by their publications and statements during the years after they met me. There are firms that, faithfully citing my publications, have set up the production of anti-demodectic cosmetics. The pharmaceutical industry, household industry, and network marketing have further ramped up their activities after my numerous calls to streamline the abatement efforts against demodexes and dust mites. It is well known that the microscopic mite of Demodex genus is found in all humans on all continents. However, in medicine, human demodecosis has neither been studied, nor described comprehensively.

Elimination of the pandemic of the unrecognized Demodecosis is the main key to getting rid of allergies in humans of the twenty-first century

This is the report sounded on symposium of EURAAC in Valencia 15-th of July 2016

Zhaxylykova Rakhima
PhD, allergist-dermatologist-acarologist, clinician with 50 year experiences, independent researcher.
Astana. Kazakhstan
Dear colleagues!
You are well aware that, in medicine, Demodex mite continues to be considered a microorganism saprophytic on human skin, and the existence of human Demodecosis as a holistic disease is still debated.
As it happens, for 43 years I have been observing the spread and development of complications of Demodecosis among the population in vivo...

Human Demodecosis: Hypotheses and Facts

Translated in march 2016.
R. D. Zhaxylykova (2013), PhD, member of EURAAC and EAACI, clinician with 49 years of experience. E-mail: zhax-rd@mail.ru
In 1970s in natural conditions, infestation with human Demodecosis was traced first among patients, colleagues and visitors of the Republican Clinical Hospital, and later among the population and tourists in Alma-Ata.  With a background of the others’ healthy skin, it was not hard to grasp the minimal changes that occur on healthy skin when it is damaged by Demodexes.
Even back in those years, changes were found on the skin of the prevailing part of the inpatients similar to lesions of the skin damaged by Demodexes. Positive results of treatment ex juvantibus confirmed the mite nature of those changes. This fact allowed to put in doubt the symbiotic role of Demodexes for humans.
Over the past 40 years we have carefully studied the clinical ...

Practicable ways to prevent systemic lupus erythematosus.

R.D. Zhaxylykova (2009)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a severe systemic disease of humans, the pathological process of which affects skin, mucous and serous membranes, internal organs and tissues. According to statistics, the prevalence of SLE has been steadily increasing in almost all countries of the world. For example, according to American scientists over the past 20 years the number of patients with SLE in the United States increased by 45%. What is more, there is an upward trend in rates of this disease among children.
Skin lesion is an obligate symptom of lupus erythematosus. ...

Appeal to acarologists of the 8th Symposium of EURAAC

43 years ago, disagreeing with dermatologists about good safety of the patient with discoid lupus erythematosus, from whose face skin a huge number of Demodexes was exuding, I started my own research. At the time, within the scope of my main scientific work, I was developing a diet therapy of patients with chronic hepatitis using national food products. Given skin itch of different intensity was pathognomonic for chronic liver diseases too, in a comparative aspect external anti-mite therapy, assigned to a particular group of patients, exceeded all of expectations.
Gradually, the mastered ability to recognize the initial signs of skin lesions, caused by Demodexes, allowed me to observe their snowballing expansion among the surrounding people. For proof ...

Undiagnosed Demodecosis is one of the causes of failures of clinical medicine of the early 21st century

Rakhima Zhaxylykova
As the WHO states, currently noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are the major cause of death worldwide, causing more deaths than all other causes combined, and their prevalence has reached epidemic proportions. Despite the efforts of medicine, growth and aggravation of NCDs are not amenable to correction yet. The WHO notes: all countries of the world suffer effects of NCDs for human, social and economic dimensions...

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At the moment we can observe the growth of “non-communicable diseases” (NCDs) such as skin, allergic, neurological, oncological, ophthalmic, gastroenterological, and others. A general practitioner, PhD and enthusiast - researcher with 49-years’ experience in clinical service revealed natural growth causes of the listed diseases.
Research started from an incident in 1973...

The clinical masks of Acariases. 2014.

Is it really possible a life without an allergy? 2014.

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