Etiology of Demodecosis

Demodecosis is the disease caused by mites Demodexes.

There is an opinion that there are species of Demodexes which inhabit only definite kind of animals. So, on the person are inhabit Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, on dogs - Demodex canis, etc.

Despite existing opinion on strict specific specificity of demodexes, there are numerous cases of transition of demodexes from one species of hosts to others. These cases are known and described. In my practice there were many cases of transition of demodexes from pets to owners and on the contrary. The given fact should force to be careful at occurrence of Demodecosis at the pets (a cat, a dog, etc.).

I managed to infect Demodecosis two kittens with the material taken from infected by person with Demodecosis.

Demodexes inhabit in skin and mucous membranes' pores by colonies. The structure of colonies of demodexes at infected by them people and animals is identical. In detail it described by vets.

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