Pathogenesis of acariasis

For a human body components of fabric and excrement's of mites are alien, which is allergenic. On allergens in an organism of the host are arising the antibodies concentration of which increases in time aspect. The known in medicine triggers (as stress mediatories, sunlight, food, medicinal and other "allergenic" substances and factors) cause destruction of the mites uncontrolledly breeding in an organism of the patient with demodecosis. On not distinguished by an organism of the host components (it is selfantigens) also are formed antibodies (it already selfantibodies). Any trigger cause the immuno-allergic reaction in organism, infected by mites. And mediatories of allergy cause or aggravate clinical symptoms of allergic reaction or allergic illness. In cases of prevalence of selfantigens and selfantibodies are developed autoimmune or systemic diseases.

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