Allergy can be curable completely!

Полное излечение аллергии и аллергодерматозов по методу Р. Д. Жаксылыковой

Allergic disease is curable and preventable!

I want to immediately reassure highly allergic individuals: allergic disease is really curable. However year by year, it becomes more difficult to cure, because it is true cause has the infectious nature, which without causal therapy continues to progress with every day. So-called anti-allergic medicines relieve only allergic symptoms, but appeared in the form of allergy prior disease slowly but surely continues to progress. That is why allergic diseases is more severe and it is increased a number of deaths from allergic diseases every year.

I automatically recall the words and laughter of the patient with glomerulonephritis, said by him in the early 1980s: "Allergic disease? Do you think that it is a disease?! Scratch and scratch yourself - and that’s all! People do not die from it!" Nowadays, no one laughs at the word "allergic disease" and at the disease. Moreover, a certain group of highly allergic individuals and their families has ever-present fear of allergic (anaphylactic) shock.

Allergic disease has become a well-known disease. Currently, the word "allergic disease" is known not only by adults but also by children. At the beginning of the last century this word was unfamiliar not only for simple inhabitant, but for many medical staff. Since the beginning of the second half of the last century, the diagnosis "allergic disease" was known not only by doctors, but also by people who are sick. At any itching, redness or rash on a skin, every man proudly said: "I have an allergic disease!" Because allergic disease was not considered as infectious disease. Unfortunately, nowadays allergists still believe that allergic disease is not infectious disease. Meanwhile, the "allergic disease" has almost struck all of humanity. Let me come up in confirmation the words of allergists - coryphaeus: "Everyone once in a lifetime experience felt some of allergy manifestation".

In early 1980, I recorded affection of many people with Demodecosis, which is the true basis for most of the allergic incidence. That is my 42-year-old research showed: most of allergic diseases among the population are one of the earliest and most frequent clinical masks, unrecognizable yet by clinical medicine of Demodectic Acariasis. Proper etiopathogenetic treatment of Demodecosis leads to the complete emancipation from allergic disease that was observed by me during 42 years at the treatment of 43 198 people, who applied for medical advice.

Thus, establishment of true cause of the allergic disease should be reassuring of each highly allergic individual in terms of getting rid of the disease. Looking ahead, I want to reassure highly allergic individuals and those, who have not yet felt its symptoms: if the base of allergic disease is Demodectic Acariasis, which is transmitted through the skin and communicating with the external environment mucous membranes, it is necessary everywhere and always to maintain a proper purity and avoid direct and indirect contact with the source of infection. How to realize it practically, I have explained it by parts in my publications.

My unsuccessful appeals to authorities during 34 years (since 1981) showed: If you are drowning, you are on your own. Therefore, I propose grant aid to contemporaries in the recovery of their recuperation from Demodecosis. For that, I recommend for highly, active, honest doctors, acarologists, lawyers and all those, who care about their own health, health of relatives and friends, to join through the Internet to independent working team; to determine the place of work (clinics or research institute); to follow my selection and treatment of Demodecosis clinical masks, and after completion of their full recovery, to solve the issues of further eradicate of the prevalent part of such “non-infectious diseases” as allergic, skin, oncological, and other in large scale.

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