Pathogenesis of Demodecosis

Practically pathogenesis of Demodecosis is not studied, because even existence of this illness as complete disease is raise doubts at many scientists. Theoretically: mites demodexes is exist, hence, there is also a disease, caused by them. Actually: we managed to track development of Demodecosis since the first moments of occurrence of disease until development of some its complications.

Sooner or later an organism infected by mites starts producing antibodies to the components of bodies and excrements of mites. Various triggers causing death of mites result absorption of a huge amount of mite allergens in host’s blood. Reaction “allergen plus antibody” develop in the blood. In result the release of mediators cause the expansion of symptoms of allergic reactions and/or allergic disease. Besides, the mites in their habitat cause cellular breakdown of host’s tissues. Residues of host’s tissue components also absorb into the blood but they can be recognized by his organism as foreign (that is as selfantigen). And host’s organism produces antibodies but they are autoantibodies already. Absorption of self-antigens and the production of autoantibodies over an extended period (before diagnostics of developing complicated clinical mask of acariasis in the form of NCD) results in development of autoimmune disease. In such a way observe the development of systemic clinical masks of demodectic acariasis which are recognized by clinicians as simply systemic diseases (varieties of NCD) and due to the unrecognized essence of the disease resist to the treatment and eradication.

In a basis of Demodecosis pathogenesis is the sensibilization to components of bodies and excreta of mites. Besides in some cases can take place development of a sensibilization to remains of the fabric structures of the owner damaged by mites with occurrence in final an autoimmune clinical mask of Demodecosis.

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