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 Rakhima Dosmakhanovna Zhaxylykova - is General Practitioner, Allergist – Dermatologist - Acarologists, PhD. Since 1991 - the individual entrepreneur by profession, Member of the EAACI (2008-2012) and the EURAAC (since 2008).

Rakhima Dosmakhanovna Zhaxylykova was born in September 27, 1942. Birth certificate is issued at January 29, 1943. She graduated from No. 414 Railroad-Sponsored School with a medal in 1960.

She studied at the medical faculty of Alma-Ata State Medical Institute named after Asfendiyarov in 1960-1966 by the specialty of General Practitioner.

The general experience of clinical work - since 1963, medical work - since 1966. Including she was operating ophthalmologist - 1966-1967, the single medical doctor of remote district hospital - 1967-1973, the Junior Researcher of Clinical Nutrition Department of the Research Institute of Regional Pathology since 1973. In 1979, she defended candidate dissertation on theme "Diet therapy of patients with chronic hepatitis using solid mare's and camel's milk". Since 1980, she was the Senior Researcher of the Research Institute of Regional Pathology.

Since 1982 - practicing Allergist – Dermatologist - Acarologists.

Now she has more than 150 publications on theme of Acariasis (Demodecosis, Dermatophagoidosis, latent and atypical Sarcoptosis). Some of them were published on the page of "Publications". She has copyright certificate "Diagnostic Method of Demodecosis", Preliminary Patent "Treatment of pollen fever, allergic perennial rhinitis".

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