Diagnostics of Demodecosis

1/ Diagnostics of any acariasis may be done by the method of scrape of infected skin. This method is very good for detection of Sarcoptesses. However demodexes and dermatophagoidesses can be found out by this method only when they stay on a surface of an infected skin. That takes place in condition of highly degree of invasion of skin.

2/ Detection method of demodexes in vivo. In any hot conditions demodexes creep out of the dwellings through orifice of gland in which have lodged. Then they are foreseeable through zooming devices. Illumination of an investigated zone should be spent not less than 10 minutes in order to mites have opportunity to adapt oneself to illumination.

3/ The provocative method of diagnostics of Demodecosis /R. Zhaxylykova, A. Malikov, 1982/ in detail described in the copyright certificate and in page of the given site «Publication of the author».

4/ Provocative method of diagnostics of Demodecosis allowed to find out these mites, when they creep out on a surface of a skin as a result of penetration into their colonies through a mouth of skin's gland of gaseous antyparasitic means as gasoline, kerosene, atomic sulphur, etc.

5/ The main method of diagnostics are clinical method. Clinical manifestations of Demodecosis are original and unique. Exactly only clinical displays of Demodecosis allow finishing the cure of sick person.

6/ As acknowledgement of correctness of clinical diagnostics - positive result of treatment of Demodecosis by treatment ex juvantibus.

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