Cases from practice

 For 38 years we never observed the children, at which the allergy was connected with other pathology except Acariasis (mite allergy). That is at all children took place the defeat of integuments and visible mucous membranes by mites. It means, that in a family where the child is ill with allergic disease he unsuccessful in respect of house dusts mites. That is this family life is strongly soiling by mites. It is not surprising, that in such situation someone else from members of a family has the clinically expressed acariasis in the form of an allergy. It can be one of parents, either both parents, or other members of a family, or all members of a family. Hence, the main prevention of an allergy at the baby is presence of ideal cleanliness in its environment. Thus, the environment of the child should be ideally pure, including hands, body and clothes of the personnel, directly looking after the kid.

Details are described in recommendations of allergic school for children sick of an allergy and their parents.

The cases from practice.

Case No.1

G. woman, 56 years old, was constantly walking with the white housedog. During the conversation the woman said that the dog sleeps on the bed of the owner’s bed-side.

After a number of years the skin of dog became copper-red color. The hair has become very rare. The dog had a huge belly and skinny legs. At the same period were started the problems with the health of the woman. The woman loss of memory in the end. Soon the woman had died.

Our comment:

Interpretation of that case: mental changes, caused by mites, are described in humans, wild and domestic animals in the scientific literature.

Unfortunately, in that case took place the transition of Demodecosis from pets to their owners.

Case No.2

Grandmother came to doctor with her 5.5 years old grandson. Grandson had bilateral purulent otitis since one year old.

Grandmother worried the constant redness of her own face, itching of hairy part of the head during over 10 years. The child's father suffers from pollinoses.

The condition of the skin on the face, head and neck allowed me suspect the presence of an old feather pillow on which the baby slept. And I received the following reply. From one year old, boy was sleeping with his grandmother in the same bed. Both had slept on the feather pillow of grand-grandmother. Before contacting us, grandmother bought a sintepon pillow for grandson. However, she continued to sleep on the same feather pillow side by side with grandson. Every morning the grandmother noted, that her grandson was sleeping, nuzzled his face into feather pillow.

Thus, due to the presence of the old feather pillow, child had a food allergy, respiratory allergosis, atopic dermatitis, bilateral purulent otitis. Grandmother had III-d stage of rosacea.

Case No.3

April 1994. Mother came with 11 years old son. The boy had festering and swelling of the tissues around the triangular defect on edge of left ear. According to the words of his mother, they referred to many medical institutions, but had not good help. According the picture of boy's skin, he liked to sleep on left side on an old feather pillow. The boy's mother confirmed my hypothesis and added that the pillow is from great grandmamma. The boy had triangular defect with size of 1,2x1,2x1,2 cm in the middle of the left ear. They received detailed recommendations for cleaning of bedding. Feather pillow was removed. The boy received an etiopathogenetic therapy. After one day the wound was cleansed from pus. Three days later the wound healed up. A defect in the left ear remained as evidence of Dermatophagoideses' gluttony.

Case No.4

July 2006. Grandmother came to doctor with 5 years old granddaughter. During the bathing of the girl mother noticed abundant rash on the body of the child. The girl complained of itching of skin. Earlier the child had not allergy. None of the other family members did not suffer from allergy. During the examination took place the presence of abundant bright red edematous slightly papular rash by the size of millet grain on the entire skin except for the scalp, face and front of the neck. The number of rash was significantly less to the inner surface of the upper limb and the front surface of the trunk. I began to think out loud: strange localization of rash because it did not come from within, it come from the outside. Grandmother immediately replied: “Yes. Yesterday girl was playing all day with cloth draped over herself, which fell from the ceiling hung of parrot cage. Cloth covered hanging parrot cage from the sun.” The correct recommendations helped completely cure the girl.

Case No.5

In 1998 woman 36 years old passed three courses of treatment from acne conglobata. The surface of the skin became smooth. Acne is not presented. However, on the cheeks tissues was retained the old scars. The patient was advised that this old scars is not allowed to force. However, the patient wanted to recover quickly and she began to take a physiotherapy in the cosmetic clinic. As a result she had several fistulas. It took much longer time for cure than for scars liquidation slowly.

Case No.6

2007. 18 years old girl had a huge number of wrinkles on the sides of the face. According to the objective picture of the skin, she had II-d stage of Demodecosis. Local etiotropic (antimite) treatment allowed to disappear the wrinkles during one and half years. However, how much nerves has been spent by doctor and patient, which before treatment promised not upset the appearance of lesions predicted by me!

Case No.7

50 years old woman with loose skin syndrome the skin became beautiful pink after antymite therapy. All members of her family had acariasis: mother suffered from discoid lupus erythematosus, father had rhinophyma, husband had mixed scalp seborrhea, her two daughters had bright red cheeks. This patient could not completely cure in such environment. However, she looked beautiful, owing to our recommendations: a pale pink color skin without wrinkles. She constantly hold an elimination from dust mites in the house.

Case No.8

The provocative method of diagnostics, recommended by us, allowed foretells an anaphylactic shock in any man. This method is of interest in terms of the possibility of anaphylactic shock threat determining at mity people, as it allows objectively determining the density of the affected skin and subcutaneous tissue by mites.

Case No.9

44 years old patient M. came to me with problems on skin of face, body, scalp, eyes. Many years she try to be cured from the specialists of the international level. She had the following diagnoses: rosacea, seborrhea, demodectic blepharoconjunctivitis, common dermatitis. According our examinations all of these "diagnoses" includes in one - II stage of Demodectic acariasis. Therefore impossible to be cure from any of symptoms without treatment of Demodecosis.

Case No.10

52 years old woman, a housewife, wife of the rector of the university, complained of itching of eyes, nose, systematical sneezing since early August, 2012. She explained that because of elimination of house dust mite allergens her husband ceased to feel pollinoses, which bothered him more than 10 years. However, she started to feel above-mentioned symptoms this year. During examination was diagnosed a moderate Demodecosis. Purposefully appointed antimite treatment allowed to elimination of all allergy symptoms.

Case No.11

38 years old inpatient of Dermatovenerologic dispensary with foot psoriasis complicated by consecutive infection, who had no possibility to walk during three months because of the pain, returned to his occupational work (worker at a transformer work) after three our medical manipulation.

Case No.12

Young woman suffered from pollinoses since adolescence. According to the words of her mother, in the last year, the patient began having thoughts of suicide because of complications of this diseasis. On the recommendation of former allergists, the patient had moved to Togliatti city. However the patient after 27-day of treatment course recovered from symptoms of the disease and later on moved back to Kentau.

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