Treatment of Demodecosis

Our position was checked up by time (since 1973) and practice (since 1980).

Recommendations given for treatment of patients (according to the achievements of modern medicine and Legislation of Kazakhstan):

1/ Antiallergic diet with regard to the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. As far as recovery dietary limitations reduced down to their complete cancellation.

2/ Antihistamines on the basis of the pathogenesis of acariasis.

3/ Etiotropic (antimites) means with obligatory elimination of patient’s biotope against house dust mite allergens. Dosage, mode, frequency and period of application of antimite means depends on massiveness and depth of infect of a certain organism with mites.

4/ Treatment of concurrent conditions (if active).

5/ Training patients how to prevent acariasis reinvasion.

Throughout 40 years we observed the following. The complete recovery with further observation within more than two years was conducted in 8712 patients. Among them there were 1666 patients with allergy and 3460 patients with allergodermathosis. Before they admitted to us they received treatment for: food or drug allergy – 763 patients, allergic blepharoconjunctivitis – 86, allergic perennial rhinitis – 178, pollinosis – 471, asthmatic bronchitis – 12, exudative diathesis – 712, acute urticaria – 42, chronic recurrent urticaria – 114, eczema – 149, neurodermatitis – 179, generalized dermatitis – 912, focal dermatitis – 972, contact dermatitis – 255, psoriasis – 117, parapsoriasis – 72, discoid lupus erythematosus – 49, photodermatosis – 43 patients. As a result of the ethiopathogenetic treatment 70% patients with allergodermatosis and 95% of patients with allergy were completely recovered. Disease recurrence was not observed within two years. Absence of disease recurrence within more than 10 years was recorded also in series of incidentally traced cases. The results received allow making the following conclusion: in 70% of cases allergodermatosis and in 95% of cases allergy were clinical masks of demodectic acariasis.

More detailed results of conducted observations are set in publications which started to be published only after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The numbers on dissemination of various clinical masks of demodectic acariasis, given in these works, were calculated on the basis of appealability of patients to allergist-dermatologist and not to healthcare facility in general that is why they fail to describe the integral presentation of Demodecosis among population. Demodecosis is not diagnosed by clinical medicine in its integral appearance that is why its clinical masks constitute a significant part of skin, allergic, oncologic and other non-communicable diseases.

Incurable illnesses do not take place. It is an axiom. The person is born healthy. He gets illness during own life. Hence, it is possible to get rid of any illness. Other question that at this or that stage the medicine does not know a way of eradication of this illness. So was in the past with malaria, tuberculosis, syphilis and other illnesses. The similar situation is with an allergy in the beginning of XXI-st century. The allergy can be bridled. Acariatic variants of allergy can be eradicated completely.

Please, do not forget Claude Bernard's words:

“If an idea arises, we should not reject it only because it does not agree with the logical consequences of a dominant theory”.

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