Diagnostic of Acariasis

  Diagnostics of acariasis

Diagnostics of acariasis, including demodectic, has a lot of methods. These methods of diagnostics are described in the literature on acarology, parasitology, biology, veterinary, zoology, pathological anatomy, dermatology, medicine, etc. in detail enough. Some ways of diagnostics are developed by us.

First of all Demodecosis can be diagnosed clinically. Different ways of it’s diagnostics are described in our publications. About modern ways of diagnostics of acariasis is stated also in EURAAC Newsletter № 4, 2010, with. 9-11.

In the century of high hygienic level of the population to prove laboratory presence of demodectic or another acariasis is problematic, but it is possible. In an ideal the clinic and laboratory ways of diagnostics would be the most significant.

Known in scabiology method of scraping for diagnostics of sarcoptic acariasis demands improvement because Sarcoptes scabiei has gone deep into an infected skin. About it wrote by researchers. The method of expression of contents of glands of a skin is informative only at correct carrying out for diagnostics of Demodecosis.

The existing epidemiological situation (presence of AIDS, hepatitises B, C, Д, etc.) demands to prefer noninvasive ways of diagnostics of acariasis. Below we offer some ways for diagnostics of acariasis:

Way of diagnostics of acariasis in vivo.

Provocative method of diagnostics of demodectic acariasis (Zhaxylykova R. D and Malikov A.M., 1982).

Method of detection of courses of mites.

Method of detection of mites in washing mucous membranes waters.

Method of detection of mites in organs and fabrics of people.

The clinical method of diagnostics is the main!

The method of diagnostics by treatment of ex juvantibus!

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