Clinical masks

The clinical masks of Demodecosis.

Demodecosis is infectious (invasion) disease. As any infectious disease, without due struggle, Demodecosis also grows progressively worse in the form of various complications - so-called clinical masks. Just as doctors dealt with various clinical masks of a syphilis in its pandemic in the XVIII-th century, at present time doctors of all clinical specialities have deal with various clinical masks of Demodecosis, which pandemically extended from the second part of ХХ century. About of 100 % infection of people in Alma-Ata by Demodecosis we informed in the August, 1981.

Among clinical masks of Demodecosis: allergic, skin, cardiovascular, neurological, mental, rheumatical, oncological and other so-called "non-communicable diseases". Now Demodecosis is guilty in growth of "non-communicable diseases" in geometrical progression, in rejuvenation of these illnesses, in appearance of new and mixed non-communicable diseases.

Please, pay you attention once again on the list of diagnoses with which patients were cured, on the site page «What do we treat».

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