Invitation to colleagues for cooperation

We have our scientific position, rechecked by practice and time (since 1973).
Nowadays 70 - 95% of patients with noninfection diseases (NID) could be completely cured because...

Partnership with Colleagues

Dear Colleagues!
We can help to all people: sick people and those who yet has not felt signs of an allergy.
We want that you, as well as we, have learnt to distinguish clinically Acariasis. It is visible with simple eyes ...

Appeal to clinicians and acarologists! (2011)

2011 Astana city.

Dear Colleagues! You know the facts, written below. You can't be agreeing with arised resume from them.

The facts.

The acarologists are demonstrate the presence of mites in house hold dust of all residential construction and manufacturing firm of all continents except Arctic and Antarctic.

The allergists are certifies about double of allergic illnesses every ten years in the latest 30 years of the past century. And with his prognoses it is not a limit. The given fact compelled...

Dear colleagues - acarologists on dust mites! (2010)

At present time the presence of pandemic acariases, caused by dust mites, is indisputable fact. It is stated in my publications and on given site. In 2008, visiting Congress of Acarologists of Europe, I hoped for cooperation. I thank Professor M. Bertrand: he was ready to help me in all conditions. But I have arrived on the congress not prepared in respect of dialogue language


physicians, biologists, parasitologists, acarologists, zoologists, veterinarians, infectionists, epidemiologists!
Dear colleagues!
36 years ago the statement of consultants-dermatologists about safety for surrounding people of the patients releasing demodexes from the skin served as a reason to conduct more careful clinical monitoring of the skin condition of gastroenterologic patients. By the end of our basic clinical scientific work we had own conclusion: demodexes are the cause of people demodectic acariasis, which is rather contagious.

Appeal to the scientists (2006)

of the whole Globe including physicians, biologists, parasitologists, acarologists, zoologists, vets, infectionists, epidemiologists and agricultural employees!
I really appreciate the results of your activity and I believe that without your help I couldn't come to any conclusion.
I would like to assure you that after repeated experiments in natural environment I can share the results of my observation.
After 25 years of persistent work on the above- mentioned problem I failed to inculcate the methods of curing allergy into practice. I'm sure that everyone would never give up the idea of applying this remedy for people who suffer from such terrible disease. I would like to find some people who can help me overcome the difficulties connected with this situation

Address to scientists of all countries (2000)

medicals, biologists, parasitologists, acarologists, zoologists, veterinarians, infectionists, epidemiologists, agrarians!
Dear colleagues!
I’m captivated by results of your work without which I would not come to the conclusion that is, addressing you. I’ve seen by my own eyes in natural conditions disease (acarias) and this is pushing me to share my experience. And after 24 years of futile trials to inculcate results of unique observations into a wide medical practice I’m asking for your help. I am sure anyone who is in the same situation as me would do the same: non-stop signaling until someone will pay attention